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Davide De Pas is the premier portrait and headshot photographer in Miami, FL. Browse some of his previous work on our website and book your session today.

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Photographer in Miami, FL

Photographer in Miami, FL

Davide De Pas is widely celebrated as being among the top portrait and event photographers in the United States and has emerged as one of the most sought-after headshot photographers in Miami, Florida.  Davide comes from a family of photographers, inheriting a strong European sense of style from that legacy, combined with a passionate but powerful New York, Washington, D.C. and Miami background.  Davide found his love for photography while working in his father's studio in 1999. He then opened his first studio in 2005.  Since then, De Pas and his team have been photographing some of the largest weddings, events, and portraits for the biggest names in pop culture, government, and professional sports.  His clients include AT&T, CNN, Dell, American Family Insurance, Black Entertainment Television (BET), The National Basketball Player's Association, ESPN, ESPN The Magazine, Under Armour, Fed Ex, The United Way, Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, HughesNet, Viacom, Sports Illustrated and Marriott International.

Davide De Pas Pictures has photographed in 18 countries.

As a destination photographer, traveling the world taking pictures and making people happy,  Davide dreamed of also having the type of studio where the people that he has touched could come to him.  Miami Headshot is that sanctuary possessing the type of energy where anyone can feel comfortable and confident and have the best image of themselves created.

Miami Headshot is the destination where professionals from all over can find their digital identity.  The perfect headshot is like your calling card. It's not about your business card anymore, it’s about your headshot.

People want to see your face when they see your name. Companies want to see you.  Anyone who wants to compete in today's world needs a killer headshot or portrait.  Miami Headshot is a place where individuals or companies, groups or families can find an atmosphere of beauty and inspiration and feel empowered to achieve the BEST image of themselves and have that image captured forever.