why do I need a HEADSHOT?



Everyone needs a PHENOMENAL picture of themselves today. Not just a GOOD picture, a FANTASTIC one. You need it online, you need it for social media, you need it for your website and you need it for your resume. 
Your HEADSHOT is now your calling card, people want to see you. It’s not about your business card anymore, it’s about your HEADSHOT. It's got to be GREAT and you have to come to MIAMI HEADSHOT to get it!





Your HEADSHOT is like your SUPERPOWER!
It's the MOST important marketing tool and an integral part of your personal brand.




If you are a salesperson and sell a luxury item, a luxury product or a luxury service, you BETTER have a luxury HEADSHOT.  Your competition probably does.  If you don't than good luck.  People don't ask for your business card anymore, they ask for your Linked In, or your Instagram.  What is the first thing you see on those profiles?